The Meatyard Inception: A Mission Statement

Meatyard photo
What is it to be human?

Here at the Meatyard we consider the definition of this question and its answer the most important of many a human could bother thinking about. Each creature must know his place. Some might consider it narrow-minded or even selfish to impose the human stipulation on the query, and simply ask, "What is it to be?" possibly considering it altruistic to do the thinking for other stuff that can't do its own, like raccoon or cholera. Those people are stupid.

The optometrist known to his close friends simply as Meatyard, a pioneer in the field of selfless humanism, has inspired our eponymous blog (this whole sentence was just a set-up for the word eponymous).

As many different people smarter (or at least more educated) than ourselves have considered the cardinal virtue of the man who was Meatyard his ability to not block the light for his own pictures; in the same way we endeavor to meditate on the first question (in this blog and in a metaphysical sense) in an equally crafty manner.

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The Meatyarders


Anonymous said...

sheer brilliance. finally a blog that cuts the crap

Michael Kennedy said...

Ha ha, I had to click through an "Adults Only" warning from Google to get here. If only they knew!

Anonymous said...

Hello :)