The Obama has no shirt.

Barack Obama shirtless
It is always refreshing to hear a relevant and enlightening news story, rather than.. you know, news about the economy, information before an important war describing public opinion in other countries about the war (who cares about other countries anyway?), how policies relate to unrest and and chaos around the world, and the amount of money the government spends on certain things.

Yes all these are trivial and stupid especially in the light of the breaking news that the paparazzi have caught Barack Obama without his shirt on..... at the beach of all places! Imagine the scandalous scandal this will cause. Not only does this raise more important questions about Obama's experience -since if Obama spends time without his shirt on he may be more naive about behaving in situations that require the wearing of a shirt- but also about deep philosophical questions like: "why does Obama have nipples?" Yes, he has nipples.... what sorcery is this!

Ah! the significance of this moment overwhelms me making me typeless and I can't add anything more scintillating than what the sagacious virtuosos at CNN and other prestigious erudites have already delineated anyway (I must use large words to compensate for the inferiority I feel relative to our ebullient media). I will quote and mope in silence:

"On the net, however, people are raving about Obama’s body. Celebrity website Celebuzz claimed Obama was “the hottest president ever”. While The Sun said “His buff chest and toned tum belie his 47 years and show he’s got more in common with George Clooney than George Bush.” The Washington Post called the shots “peck-tacular”. Comments on the Bauer-Griffen website simply say "Hello Mr President".

It’s not the first time the President-elect has gone shirtless in view of photographers. Back in August he was photographed body surfing in Hawaii.

Nor is he the first world leader to do so. Russian President Vladamir Putin caused a similar stir when he took his shirt of while fishing and French President Nicolas Sarkozy was photographed shirtless paddling a canoe on Lake Winnipesaukee in the United States.

Gallery Take a look at some of the other world leaders shirtless."
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Anonymous said...

"(I must use large words to compensate for the inferiority I feel relative to our ebullient media)"

you, oh fine Descartes, are too modest. bravo on a brilliant post

Dwielz Camauf Descartes said...

Thank you, my next post will be more arrogant.