An Ode to Cheese

I like cheese
Will you give me some please?
If you don't I will start to wheeze
For no one knows the power of cheese

When the moon is full
And there is a soft breeze
I turn into a ware-wolf
And prowl for cheese

And sometimes when the light purrs just right
The great black rainbow bursts forth in the night
And I fly slithering through the liquid grass
Parting thin rainbow roots en masse
And latch into the blackness with a latchless latch

And I climb and go skipping up through the stars
The radiance of which is cast far to far
Whereupon I find I have missed the moon
And will not devour its cheese anytime soon

Then the nights grow long as all fades away
And omnipotent switching switch grass turns to hay

And as the sun dies and passions wane
The only thing left in my weakening grasp
Will be the roll of cheese I've been clutching fast
Because it appears that I have lost my place
And exploded from lack of cheese in the abysses of space

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