A Short Summary of My University Idea

The longer version is here. I have a shorter description on my facebook group for developers who are interested in helping me, and that is as follows:
We are looking for people who either have experience with programming, preferably as a profession, or are cognitive scientists, or psychologists who are interested in pedagogy, and learning.

This is an free educational-software project with the final goal of establishing a free, online, and accredited university with the main teaching tool as interactive software.

The plan to make it sustainable and attract good professors is to place more teaching responsibilities on software and other students so that the professors can concentrate more on research and consulting while, in addition, having a free workforce of graduate students to help them. The professors will get to keep all the money they bring in, including grant money (which normally has chunks hacked out of it before it gets to the professors in commercial institutions).

There are already student teachers at universities; if student teaching was made a graded course (graded by how well your students did relative to others) then it would encourage better student teachers. In addition these teachers could remember what first made the material click for them better than more experienced professors, and hence have a clearer understanding of difficulties students face when learning the material.

This is a group of people who are interested in either helping me program, or refine the aforementioned idea from the perspective of pedagogy, and learning. We were planning to do this in Java for the sake of being cross platform; however, now I am having second thoughts, and am open to suggestions. I may make this exclusively for Linux, as I think that would forward the goals of the rest of free software movement if our project is successful.

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Enjoy, and join the conversation.

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