Polyphasic Sleep Day 1 (2nd attempt)

After my 2AM nap (which I can't remember) this morning I think I slept on and off till 9AM, so I basically killed my whole schedule. This was because I kept having paranoia and I felt like I couldn't leave my room or else I wouldn't be able to deal with going back into my room, it was a very strange feeling. I was walking down the hallway in fear that something would jump out at me, I kept imagining all sorts of strange creatures lurking in the dark. So I ended up having to stay in my room and sit on my bed and read, which is a bad way of staying awake. At one point I just decided to stop the experiment, because I didn't think I would be able to deal with it. However, I'm going to try it again, make sure I don't see any scary videos on sleep deprivation, and see if the paranoia returns. If it does I'll see how long I can deal with it, but if I it gets to the point where I feel I might run out into the street and die if I hear another creaking sound, I think I'll have to stop.

I'm actually slightly optimistic right now, because now that I think about it again, doing this should be rather simple. I know that I can't fall asleep when I am sitting at the table outside my room working on my computer. I can read for a while out there, and if my eyes get to tired I can always go back to my computer. So I just stay out here when I'm not sleeping. Even though this is horrible, I am still excited about doing this, because this probably takes the most will power out of anything I have ever done. I was going to add in an extra nap somewhere, but I've decided that the extra naps don't really make me less tired, and I tend to fall asleep after them (which is what happened last time), so I am going to try to go to this schedule cold turkey once more. So I've already had my 10AM nap which went ok, because I can't remember anything during it, so I'll update on the naps that come afterwards.

UPDATE: 2PM nap: Was tired during it, so I guess it means that my body is learning something, but was not able to fall asleep. Am going to work on Esperanto now, maybe some quantum mechanics later.

UPDATE: 6PM nap: Was tired during this one too and it was relaxing to lie down, no sleep however.

UPDATE: 10PM nap: Hardly tired, still no sleep.

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