Polyphasic Sleep Day 1-2

Note: I wrote this two days later (day 3 of polyphasic sleeping) using incomplete notes that I wrote these first two days, my apologies for the missing information.

The hard facts I have found out about this sleep schedule are here.
However I am anxious to see if I experience any of the beneficial effects alleged by bloggers like Steve Pavlina.

Day 1 Dec 13th
I am going to start polyphasic sleeping on a sleep schedule of thirty minute naps every 4 hours, so 6 naps a day total. At the very start of today I went with a friend to eat at Arby's, I got two eight piece jalapeño dippers and I told her to call me at 2:30 this morning (my first nap is at 2), and although I have an alarm I can always use the extra help. It is 1:22 AM right now and I am sitting in my apartment. I am slightly sleepy, I was worried that eating so close to my nap would be bad but my stomach seems to be settled down now. We'll see how it goes, I really want this to work. So far everything looks good, my only concern is what Steve Pavlina mentioned on his blog: that the hormones in animal products can effect your sleep patterns. Now I am not sure if this is true, but anyways, I am a vegetarian, but not all out vegan, and although I do not buy any animal products at the grocery store, I sometimes eat them when I go out to restaurants with people, like on this occasion I got cheese filled jalapeño dippers, hopefully they won't effect my nap.

8 am
I have had my 2 AM and my 6AM nap successfully, however I was not able to go to sleep during either one, the 6AM one came close, I think I have more trouble getting to sleep quickly than most people do. I am feeling slightly fatigued but this disappears almost completely when I focus on something like writing this paragraph. I am now going to go back to practicing guitar and then do some quantum mechanics. So far there has been no great temptation to break the schedule.

After my 2PM nap I started to feel like it was working, but then when I went to my shift at mcdonalds I had to take a nap in the break room at 6:00PM Dec 13th, which was very difficult and then I didn't get off until right before my next nap at 10:00PM, which I had to ride my bike back really quickly to make. So I ended up being way too energized for that nap and didn't even feel tired during it. So I was exhausted and during the next day I fell asleep after my 2 AM nap for about 5 hours, I was really disappointed.

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