Polyphasic Sleep Day 3 (2nd attempt)

2AM nap:
Got into bed a few minutes late, but then I had another missing time experience so I guess I slept although not very deeply.

UPDATE: This is absolutely terrible, I slept for 6 hours again this morning. I have no idea why I did this, I just kept rationalizing with myself until I laid down on my bed because "I needed to think about whether I could continue the experiment". I think another problem was that my back started hurting because I hadn't been sitting right so I really didn't want to exercise to stay awake. At first I thought I would skip my naps because I wouldn't be tired but then I remembered that I was tired during some of the naps that I didn't expect last time, and if I am not tired I can just meditate which I think is worthwhile. I am also going to do 60 jumping jacks after each nap. I think if I get in the habit of doing this it will wake me up enough when I am tired to make proper decisions. I have decided that if I screw up again, even if I do the slightest thing wrong, I will decide not to continue the experiment because I may just not have the will power. This is because my brain keeps using the fact that I have so much time to do this as an excuse to screw up. Well I'm not going to let it do that anymore.

2PM nap: Not tired, but did meditate a little, and was slightly tired towards the end.

6PM nap: Still not tired.

10PM nap: Still not tired.

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