Polyphasic Sleep Day 3

It is 5:20AM Dec 15th Tuesday, and my last day at mcdonalds is in the past. I was trying to work on my quantum mechanics book but I finally decided that my state of mind is not proper for it. Writing is much more natural for me and I don't really have to think much while doing it. My nap at 2AM was not very restful at all, although I don't remember the end of it, so I may have started to drift off to sleep towards the end.

I guess I'll post updates after every nap since it is so hard for me to do anything else:

UPDATE: Nap 6AM: Everything went better than normal, I don't remember a lot of the time that I lay down which means I must have been sleeping for most of it. No dreams however and no restful REM sleep, which means my sleep cycle hasn't been compressed enough.

UPDATE: Nap 10AM: I made the mistake of watching a very scary documentary on a case of a guy who experienced sleep deprivation when he decided to stay awake for 201 hours to raise money for charity and started hallucinating as a result. I started getting paranoid and worrying that I would have hallucinations and that I would experience vivid nightmares instead of vivid dreams. I remember screaming and jumping up at 10:07AM (during my 10AM nap) at a very slight sound, I also remember worrying that I would think two buttons on my coat in my closet were eyes watching me if I started hallucinating.

I don't think that this was psychosis (which can be one of the side effects of sleep deprivation) because these types of fears sometimes still happen to me normally (just not very often and at very low levels) but I think the combination of the documentary and my sleep deprivation made the fears serious, also I read about that Randy Gardner experienced paranoia as a side effect during his sleep deprivation, how serious a side effect it is, and how serious that means that my sleep deprivation is, I don't know. I then decided to insert another nap to help me deal with my paranoia, and I ended up not getting out of bed when my alarm went off, instead I just stayed in bed and turned it off, over all I slept for about 3 hours and was able to make my 2PM nap. I'm kind of ticked off at myself but at the same time I don't think I would have been able to deal with my paranoia in that state of mind without some real sleep, and now I am in a decent enough state of mind to work on quantum mechanics.

When I was getting paranoid I was considering ending this experiment, but I thought about it and realized that I only slept for 3 hours by accident today instead of 5 which was yesterday, and in addition to that these 3 hours happened much later in the day. So I think I am making progress and should continue.

UPDATE: Nap 2PM: The paranoid feelings are getting worse. I couldn't close my eyes because I felt like something would jump on me and attack me, and I kept thinking that there were things creeping around softly stalking me. I turned my light on, but that didn't help, I couldn't even start to sleep, so I called my friend and talked to him for a while, and that calmed me down a little. I really think I just need to get over this I am not in danger of hallucinating, it would take much more sleep deprivation to do that.

UPDATE: 10PM: was the same.

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