Polyphasic Sleep Day 5 (2nd attempt)

Slept for 7 hours extra this morning. I was still tired for my 2PM nap though, although I didn't fall asleep. I am debating on whether to continue or not. I feel like I have gotten this far so I should continue, but I am also worried about how much time this is taking up, since I keep screwing up. I think I will see if it works through tonight, and then go from there.

UPDATE: I have decided to stop the experiment. Firstly because I said earlier that if I screwed up again I would stop. Well, I did screw up, and I want to get in the habit of keeping to my self promises. Secondly, I will be hanging out with some people this break who are supposed to help me learn jazz and other things. They are monophasic, and I think it would be pretty odd, and maybe even rude for me to have to tell them every 4 hours that I needed to leave them, and go out to my car to take a nap. Thirdly I do not plan on doing this for a long time, because I know that sleep is important for memory, and am not sure what getting so little will do for my ability to function.

Although the overall experiment was a failure, on the upside I did do it for 36 hours perfectly once (I did it perfectly for 40 or more hours but that was at the beginning, and I was rather tired all the time I was awake), and after that I only slept for 7 hours (which is normal for me). So I can conclude that I successfully replaced a full night's sleep with around the clock naps, and had no ill effect because I was only slightly tired while I was awake and because I jumped right back into the next night with a normal amount of sleep time. Finally I did have one nap where I remembered a dream, and therefore can conclude that my body is able to learn to compress my sleep cycle. Overall I am glad that I tried this, and may try it again next vacation.


jorel314 said...

Just wanted to let you know that I featured your blog on my site.

Happy napping!


Dwielz Camauf Descartes said...

Thanks! :)

Carter said...

Next time, try this:


It's an alarm clock for polyphasic sleepers.