The Abyss (first draft)

Oh fair wind art thou not change?
But fairer still the stillness
And fairer still the absence of
And hence the great abyss

In the abyss we deny what is
And even more what isn't
For past, present and future lives
Are simply nonexistent

But out of darkness we perceive the light
And hence a world is born
Straining the absence brings the dawn of night
Where finally the abyss is shorn

And we are brought back nevertheless
To the theme of gone by days
Where intellect rained and strived
Showing us the way

There suspended we were in love
Watching to wane and wither
And in-spite of your will above
We were but a self taut tether

Because if thou gaze long into an abyss
It then shall gaze into thee
And if thou spake in cryptic tounges
So shall it be

For forces collide and powers clash to end all
But once the tumult subsides, they may indeed cancel

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