Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously

There is a place where silence is deafening
Where words are unspoken, unthought, and unwritten
and the rain does not fall
A space where colors are tasteless, placeless, and faceless
and clouds crawl
An existence that is absent and present in zen
While coldly friendly and previously again

It is a feeling we find numbing the eternity of nil
A sense of nonsense and fiendish goodwill
An opening in the closure of time and essence
And a nightfall in the dawn of vacant presence

It shivers in stillness through timeless progression
With the undulating solid of happy depression
While a rabbit serves us carrots and gin

And then we find that we have not found at all
And when that we will that we won't
And again that we seek what we flee from
And chase what we avoid with our hopes

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

1 comment:

JessXe said...

Fannnnnntastic fun!

The last bit before the Chomsky line is reminiscent of K.D. Laing's "Knots"