Great Jazz Guitarists (currently active)

Here is my personal opinion, and the opinion of some of my fellow musicians who can actually play jazz, unlike me.

In terms of soloists I would say:
Allan Holdsworth
Scott Henderson
Pat Metheny
Frank Gambale
Mike Stern
Allen Hinds (can't believe I forgot him at first)

Of those Soloists who are good composers as well:
Pat Metheny
Allan Holdsworth
Mike Stern
Allen Hinds (maybe, haven't heard enough of his stuff)

My favorite overall is probably Allan Holdsworth, although Pat Metheny is probably the better all around composer--I just tend to like guitar solos.

Speaking of Holdsworth, my favorite one of his albums is probably "The Sixteen Men of Tain" although on youtube: "Red Alert" on the album "Blues For Tony" is probably the most awesome live jazz piece I have ever heard:

And one of my favorite solos is in "Ruhkukah" on the album "Hard Hat Area"

My fellow musicians have similar opinions with regards to the names that you see above, although the details vary. For instance, some of them would rate Scott Henderson up with the best composers as well, it has a lot to do with taste.

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Caleb said...

I dunno I mean I definitely like metheny's composing but it just doesnt compare to Allan's work for me. Allan just has so many odd solos and beautiful chord structures he uses, Metheny manages the same but ALLAN FTW LOL.