Meditation Travels

I've noticed several distinct mental states I get into when meditating. All these descriptions are pretty subjective and are a result of my imperfect memory as most of these experiences happened a while back. I also notice that as I meditate more I tend to have less of these experiences; I also don't try to experience them again. None of this was experienced with the help of drugs. Unless otherwise noted I have experienced this with no actual object of focus (no focusing on breath or anything else) but just clearing my mind of all thoughts.

1) "People Place"
I have been here once when I was rather sleepy and other times when not (I think). This state is extremely frustrating because you see people or beings talking to you, and sometimes holding objects, and you are interacting with them but when you come out of the meditative trance you can't remember anything that was said. I came out of this state once actually responding to something one of these people had said. I was saying, "you too", and I accidentally said it out loud in a quiet study area. I wonder if this "people place" is experienced by others when in altered mental states and is part of the reason why spiritualists say they have "spirit guides".

2) "Nonsense Land"
I don't remember if there was anything different about the meditation sessions in which I reached this place; the only description I can give you is that you tend to see or feel very nonsensical things and yet also feel that they are somehow extremely important.

3) "Dream space"
Here you have dream-like sequences that are more vague than dreams and more difficult to describe.

4) "Sleep"
This happens mostly with vipassana meditation where I focus on breathing.
This isn't really a place or a land; I have just noticed that if you meditate right you can make yourself very sleepy.

I wonder if we can come up with a list of altered states that all people can experience and could find the corresponding EEG measurements. Then maybe we could make a little bit more progress in psychology, who knows.

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