A Temperature Controlled Suit

Where would I find enough leather

To cover the entire surface of the earth?

But with leather soles beneath my feet,

It’s as if the whole world has been covered.

Engaging in Bodhisattva Conduct, V, 13

We air condition or heat our houses rather than trying to change the weather but why don't we go further with this wise principle?

In the summer we should all wear clothing that has small porous tubes interspersed throughout it and a small pouch of water on our upper backs. By squeezing a hand pump we could disperse the water gradually as needed over the surface of our clothing hence cooling ourselves. If designed correctly I don't think this would be unduly cumbersome and it would prevent the mess you have if you try to cool yourself off by splashing yourself with water. Instead this suit would act as a more attractive form of sweating. While in the winter you would have to use a slightly more air resistant suit and use the tubes to pump hot air underneath, although this would require you to be near a hot air source almost constantly. May I suggest plugging your tube into this blog, as it is available on almost any computer albeit almost no google search.


Sam Gates said...

ummm, i think the winter solution is bundling up in warm clothes, and yea, the summer solution of sweating seems more efficient, but that's just me.

Dwielz Camauf Descartes said...

Type that comment while your hands are freezing or you have gloves on in winter (granted with this suit you would still have to have gloves on to keep your hands warm but they could be much thinner) As for summer, you wouldn't be very comfortable sitting in your own sweat while typing that comment.