Why Hardware Manfacturers Can Kiss my Shaven Yak: Dell is not always good for Ubuntu

First see: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/yak_shaving
So I bought a Dell Inspiron laptop (model: IM501R-1655MRB) because I thought Dell was good for running Ubuntu Linux (you USED to be able to get Dell's with Linux pre-installed curse you for discontinuing that):
(I was also unaware that most computers that run Linux well don't use AMD, and not only that but Dell uses different motherboards for their Ubuntu and Windows laptops)

As a result, when I install Ubuntu on it, it ran extremely slow (both processesors got to 5% at highest, even after I upped the cpu with "cpufreq-selector -g performance") and eventually after mucking around a little it rewarded me by freezing completely whenever it started up: it was unusable.

Imagine my horror when I tried to return it and found out I had voided my laptop warranty. How did I void the HARDWARE warranty? You guessed it: I changed the OS... I installed SOFTWARE! which was Ubuntu and voided a HARDWARE warranty! The only way to remedy this was to put Windows 7 back on, but...

1) The laptop came with no recovery disk.
2) I had wiped out the entire HD (where the recovery partition was).

I ended up torrenting the windows 7home premium 64 bit ISO, but it turned out to be 5.7 Gb, and I needed a double layer DVD to burn it. I finally solved my problem by downloading it from here:


Which was smaller than 4.7 for unknown reasons. There are some very cold yaks in the Andes right now. I now have an Asus U52F-BBL9 running Ubuntu 10.10 and it is kicking butt. Although I have not gotten the U52F-BBL9 to play sound through headphones and I have not been able to get it to go to sleep mode. (UPDATE: I have now fixed the sound issue) However, Ubuntu 10.04 had issues with the wireless card which is why I upgraded. 10.10 looks nicer, although the start up times are slower; I'm liking it overall so far.

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