Wisdom From Youtube Philosophy: What do we mean by "song"?

Comments taken from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtF75YwzfHA

Another site beat me to this idea:


Well, the front page of comments here is littered with the arguement over wether it can be considered a song or not because there"s no singing, Well my prof. in university has made it quite clear that a song has singing in it, and ironically Jamesismynamo, Beethoven's 5th was part of the discussion of that class! Here's the dictionary's definition of a "song"; 'A brief composition written or adapted for singing.' Singing hmm?So now that that's over with, who wants to listen and shut the fuck up?
VioletFox19 5 months ago


@VioletFox19 Alright, at least you backed it up instead of just putting "its not a song asshole". Well that may be the dictionary definition of a song, but if I refer to all of the instrumental tracks I know as "compositions" it just makes me sound like a douchebag.

So I will continue to call this a song, regardless of its lack of lyrics. Sorry if that offends you.
JamesIsMyNamo 5 months ago

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