Continuing Posting

So there's been a lack of posts for a while. I'll try to post something every Sunday morning from now on. I started a secret blog with a different pen name, but I haven't been posting to that either... so I guess that isn't a good excuse.

However, I now plan to spend more time writing. The topics of both blogs are mostly the same, although the other one will probably be more focused on stories about people and events in my life. The names are already changed but posting there will be an extra form of security so no one can recognize themselves, or me for that matter, unless they randomly happen upon it. I know I flatter myself, there isn't much chance that my friends will start reading this blog, but I never can predict people.

I've also always had anxiety about writing, having the diverse group of friends I do, and because I have Asperger's syndrome I am constantly worried about not knowing how someone would take a piece of writing and offending them. The fear is mostly irrational, but at the same time you do have a better chance of offending someone if they know and care about you, rather than if you are faceless and can be dismissed as another minion of the world wide web trolls.

In addition, I sometimes post inappropriate or immature things, only to realize it later and get embarrassed. Sometimes I post completely reasonable things and later come to the conclusion that they are inappropriate and offensive. It then takes me a long time to get over it. I've also had problems with depression in the past which hasn't helped my judgement, but I've made a recovery recently. The other blog I have should provide an outlet for me to make my more daring posts while with this one, I'll play it slightly more safely. After this post should follow my first post to start off. It should be short.

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