"'The Meatyard' is where death awaits you all with nasty big pointy philosophical teeth!
Methods of execution include: satire, short stories, and debates."
~Simon Peter

More seriously "The Meatyard" is a partially non-serious philosophical, but also partially pragmatic, blog which we use to post useful things (especially about education and software) and useless observations on how absurd life is.

Dwielz Camauf Descartes is a software engineer that originally wanted to be a musician, but loves knowledge of many types. He now wants to use his knowledge to increase understanding of spiritual/philosophical issues, reduce oppression, and improve education (while sounding overly important). He occasionally does math online here: http://theproblemyard.wordpress.com/
Dwielz also designed the color scheme for this blog.

Sam Gates no longer posts on this blog because he hates the color scheme. Yet he still remains as an admin for some reason.